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Implement Innovative Touchless Technology

Adjustable, practical and touchless

At Qinezo, our comprehensive technological solutions help industry leading companies implement touchless technology for pre-existing products. 
Qinezo is now retrofitting existing touch-based kiosks and screens with motion and gesture sensors and is continually creating new technological solutions, so get in touch to learn more.
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Kiosk smartphone acces via QR


QR codes that are easily scanned with your smartphone allow touchless access to a website that enables service or replaces your kiosk, info stand or ATM.
We provide the necessary solutions for a wide variety of applications.
At Qinezo, we believe that the right technology can create easy to use products, that are
best fitted to customer concerns and very intuitive to enable an effective interaction.
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About Qinezo

The Leading Technology Company for touchless solutions

We are a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking technology designed to contribute towards a safer tomorrow. Providing smart solutions for companies of all sizes is our mission and we  pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated service.  Our focus is in human centered designed products that allow easy transitions to new practices and standards.


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